1)        Remove your machine from the cardboard box.

2)        Fold or position the handlebars into the required position and secure the clamp bolts.

3)        For mini quad position the front bumper into position using the fixing bolts and spacers provided (the very latest batch of mini moto quads also require the wheels to be fitted and the shock secured in place). Some Mini moto dirtbikes will need the front wheel fitting, the rear shock absorber, and shock guards fitting as well.

4)        VERY IMPORTANT: Check that all nuts and bolts are tight prior to use.

5)       Oil the chain using WD 40 or 3 in one oil or any quality chain lube.

6)        Your machine is now ready to start.

7)        The engine cut off switch on the handlebars should be in the position to start pictured as a circle. The key start should be turned clockwise / to stop the machine put the switch in the position with the X over the circle. The key start should be turned anti clockwise

8)        The white fuel tap on the carburettor should be pointing at 12 and 6 o’clock respectively.




Please remember your engine will become flooded very quickly if the pullstart is pulled numerous times. Follow the instructions carefully and use the choke lever when starting from cold.


1)    Only 2-stroke fuel mixed with unleaded petrol should be used - 40ml of two stroke oil to 1 litre of unleaded petrol. Use the white mixing bottle or a 5 litre petrol can mixed with 200ml of two stroke oil to 5 litres of petrol.

2)    The white fuel tap should be at 12 and 6 o’clock. The silver choke lever on the side of the carburettor should be UP to start (ignore the manual as this can be misleading). 

3)    Apply throttle.

4)    Pull the pullcord a few times. Please note the machine does not require 20 or 30 or 50 pulls to start. If the machine won’t start quickly check you have the cut off switch and key switch in the correct place and that the fuel is on. Excessive pulling of the pullcord will damage the pullcord and your hand! If the machine has not started after 10 pulls of the cord, you need to re check the starting procedure

5)    The machine should fire up but will try to die away as it requires more air. If possible, before the engine dies away, put the choke lever down a little. Don’t worry if the engine stops, just restart with the choke lever down slightly. If it won’t start go back to the beginning.

6)    While the engine is running keep revving the bike to warm the machine up. You can lift the back of the machine up to allow the machine to rev out without it running forwards.

7)    Let the machine warm up and slowly move the choke lever to the fully down position before use.

8)    If you are using the restrictor, set the throttle to your desired setting with the engine turned off.




1)      Flick the switch on the handlebars to the circle with an X, and remove the key from the machine.




1)      Minimotos will require constant maintenance to ensure safe running and good performance.

2)      Always ensure bolts are checked for tightness before each use.

3)      Please remember, although small the minimoto engine is a racing bike engine, and as such will rev to high RPM causing high vibration. To guard against nut and bolts coming loose, products such as thread lock can be used to prolong bolt tightness. Please phone Sales for advice or your local auto repair shop.

4)      Your machine will require regular oiling of key moving parts as well as checks to ensure dirt or debris has not become lodged in any key areas.

5)      The mini moto range is designed as entry-level machines and as such have limitations to use. Light terrain combined with dry conditions are advisable, although with good regular maintenance the machine can cope with more demanding terrain.

6)      For more detailed maintenance advice and details of the servicing we offer please phone sales on 02476 398085.


Problem solving


Constant pulling of the pull cord will flood the engine with fuel / it will be hard for the engine to start. Removing the spark plug will enable fuel to evaporate from the engine.

Leave the machine for half an hour then try restarting following the starting information above.

If fuel comes out of the overflow pipe at the base of the carburetor, the fuel valve may be sticking with the oil content of the fuel. Undo the screw at the base of the carburettor and carefully remove the float. The fuel valve can be cleaned using WD40. Use a different oil or less oil.

If the pull cord feels tight or stiff it is possible your clutch has either worn out or thrown a spring. This can jam the drive mechanism and cause the engine to lock up. Remove the clutch housing and replace the spring or clutch. Clutches have a life of between 3 and 20 hours depending upon the type of use.

You can always phone sales for help or advice about any repairs or upgrades on 02476 398085.