The centrifugal clutches on mini moto engines are notoriously hard to remove, despite them needing to be replaced quite frequently.

There are a few methods that you can use for removing mini moto clutches, but the following is the best way of doing it in our experience:

Firstly, you will need to remove your clutchbell – this is the unit that the front sprocket is attached to, which is always located on the opposite side of the engine to the pullstart. On air cooled engines the clutchbell will be held on with four bolts, on water cooled engines the clutchbell will normally be held on with three bolts.


Simply undo the bolts and you should find that the clutchbell comes off easily, thereby exposing the clutch.

Note: some mini motos use a fixed gearbox rather than a clutchbell. If this is the case, the unit can still be removed in the same way.

If you look closely at your clutch you will see that it is secured onto the crankshaft with a single fixing bolt – remove this bolt.

You then need to essentially lever the whole clutch unit off the crankshaft; just pulling it off won’t work. Take a couple of screwdrivers and locate them between the clutch and the rest of the engine. Then try using the screwdrivers to lever the clutch off. You should be trying to force the whole engine backwards while pushing the clutch unit forwards towards you.

The cooling fins on air cooled engines are easily damaged, so take care not to bend or fracture them when doing this.

If you still do not have any luck you will need to get a friend involved:

Re-insert the clutch securing bolt; screw it in by just a couple of mm so that most of the bolt is still not screwed in. Then repeat the above procedure by trying to lever the clutch off. While doing so firmly tap the part-inserted bolt with a hammer (preferably a rubber mallet). This will multiply the force that is pushing the engine backwards, while the clutch unit is still being forced towards you.

Voila! You should find that the clutch will pop right off.

Just be aware that some clutches have a small woodruff key inserted between the clutch and crankshaft, which are prone to flying across the room when the clutch finally pops off – don’t lose this part, you’ll need it for putting your new clutch back on!


After you’ve done this once you will have the knack of doing it and won’t experience any problems the next time you need to replace your clutch.

If you’ve tried this method and still haven’t had any luck then you are welcome to call us on 02476 398 085 and we will be happy to help you.