Due to demand we are now supplying the powerful 4x4 Kazuma Jaguar 500cc quad bike with a heavy-duty snow plow (plough) and salter spreader already fitted, ready to go.


We are branding this 'The Arctic Jaguar' for obvious reasons!


This is ideal for any organisations that can't afford to close down during the winter months. After last year's appalling winter weather we have already started to receive orders for a package that includes everything needed to keep paths and roadways clear of snow and ice.


Not only are we supplying the whole lot for a super price, we will even fit the parts for you! Just put on your hat and gloves, top up the fuel, and you're away...


For more information and prices please call our sales team on 02476 398 085 and we will be happy to help you! 


You can view the quad with winter kit in our shop by clicking this link.


We are also happy to discuss with customers any other needs that they may have - gun racks, containers, towable harrows, mowers, yard scrapers, etc. can all be sourced and fitted for you.


Get your quad bike with snow plow and spreader today before the icy weather really sets-in!