At Petrolscooter we speak to many customers everyday who are seeking to improve the performance of their pit bike, scooter, quad bike or, most commonly, mini moto.

Indeed, one of the attractions of mini motos is that there is so much playing around that can be done with the engine set-up to increase performance.  There are many Chinese mini moto parts available nowadays, at relatively cheap prices, so there is plenty of scope for adapting, modifying and customising your bike.

Often we come across valued customers who have invested a lot of their time into such projects, and we are always interested to hear how they are getting on.  One of our customers has kindly sent us videos and pictures of his latest workshop triumphs, so we thought that we would share it on our blog for all to see.

We will continue to publish Pete’s articles on our blog under the heading ‘Pete’s Racing Tips’, as and when Pete forwards them to us, so keep your eyes peeled.



If you too would like to appear on our blog then please send us an email to We would be interested to have a look at any pictures, videos or information that you have about your projects!