are now proud suppliers of Piston Ring - Youth Motorcycle Club!





The club started 32 years ago to help disadvantaged youngsters. The club was first started by the social services with the help of volunteers, but the social services opted out of the club around 22 years ago and it was then taken over by a group of volunteers (motorcycling enthusiasts).

The objective: to help youngsters learn to ride safely, maintain the motorcycles and to respect each other.

The club had started to form a Display Team in the hope of raising funding to keep things going until the next winter, but sixteen years ago all the bikes were stolen. Due to the theft, this had to be put on hold until replacement bikes were obtained.  Due to funding, this took between two and three years to accomplish and to re-enable the Display Team formation. From 1996 the team and the club went from strength to strength until yet again five years later nine of the bikes were again stolen! With the help from a lot of people and sponsors we have managed to fight back again and now have a successful Display Team.

The Club meets every Tuesday and Friday at 6:30pm at the George Eliot School Community Centre, Nuneaton.

The kids are trained on the closed playground under full supervision with all of the gear required (bikes, helmet, boots and gloves) supplied by the Club.  If it's raining, the club will run a Maintenance program, which allows the kids to clean and look after the bikes whilst learning about the bikes themselves.  We teach them basic maintenance for brakes, tyres etc. to begin with and then as they advance they begin to learn about what makes them tick.

Training sessions end at 9pm, after loading the bikes back onto the truck.