Pit biking isn't just about having fun, thrashing up tracks or executing vicious jumps; it is also about looking very, very cool...

At Petrolscooter, we not only supply customers with the parts necessary for keeping you going, we also have a large stock of items and upgrades that have no other purpose than to make your pit bike look the business!


Ali G would be proud.


See below for a brief summary of our ever expanding range of pit bike bling:



  • Air Filters: K&N filters not only increase your air input, they also add a bit of style. Available in many colours, shapes and sizes.



  • Brake Discs: Who wants boring circular discs? Not us... that's why we now stock 'wavy', 'shark' and 'flower' brake discs!



  • Cables: Black cables are sooooo last year. Try a bright red, green, gold or chequered one.



  • Chains: If you haven't already got one, fitting a KMC branded chain to your pit bike adds a bit of designer bling.



  • Exhaust Mufflers: Of course, it's not all about looks! Upgrading to a larger bore exhaust delivers the deep growl required for giving OAPs the willies.



  • Graphics: Fed up with your scratched, drab or out of date graphics? Add some more! Our 3M quality graphics feature a quality adhesive for superb sticking power.



  • Grips: Since handlebar grips are one of the mostly visually prominent parts of pit bikes (after wheels), most riders prefer to get them upgraded as soon as possible.



  • Molybdenum Pistons: Not strictly bling, but cool nevertheless. Just knowing you have one of these inside your engine should be enough. Manufactured from ultra heat resistant Molybdenum (that's the stuff they make aircraft parts out of!).



  • Oil Coolers: Literally make your engine 'cooler'. Get it? Available in many colours.



  • Paddock Stands: Show off your bike when you're not using it on a robust, shiny paddock stand. Keeps your bike stable and easily accessible when you're working on it too!



  • Plastics: Pit bike plastics come in all sorts of sizes and colours. The standard size is often referred to as being the 'CRF' or 'CRF50' type, but 'Apollo', 'KLX' and 'CRF70' are also available. These are available in many different colours (subject to stock levels), but our favourite is the rather tasty looking carbon fibre effect CRFs.



  • Racing CDIs: These add extra oomph to your engine by advancing the timing slightly. Being brightly coloured, they also stand out, drawing attention to your bike's upgraded performance even when its not in motion.


  • Shocks: Don't put up with substandard shocks - fit a Fastace one! For extra visual impact fit one that incorporates a meaty piggy-back gas canister.



  • Sprockets: Whatever chain size you're operating, we've got the sprocket for you. Choose the lightweight anodised gold version for optimum visual impact.



  • Sump Guards: Into jumping your bike? If you are then your bike can't just look good from the sides; it has to look good from underneath too! Add an alloy sump guard, available in gold, blue, red or green - the equivalent of a six-pack for your pit bike's underbelly! Just don't try actually jumping over your mates when trying to impress them...



  • Throttles: We now stock CNC see-through throttle units, which feature a window allowing you to see the cable mechanism... it's all in the detail.



  • Wheels: We sell a huge range of pit bike wheels and rims, available in blue, gold, silver or black. Opt for alloy for added style. We also recommend adding a pair of quality Kenda tyres: as well as delivering added traction and longer life, this famous brand adds to the credibility of the bike. If Milan fashion week did pit bikes, Kenda would be at the forefront of the catwalk!



  • Other Parts: If you want your pit bike to really look the business, it's always a good idea to throw in as much colour as possible. With this in mind, there is a huge number of parts that you can fit to colour coordinate your bike. Chain guard boxes, foot pegs, fuel tank caps, gear shift levers and handlebars are all parts that can be upgraded to different colours and styles.

Want for information or advice? You are always welcome to call us on 02476 398 085, or contact sales@petrolscooter.co.uk.