Kazuma Dingo 150cc Utility QuadKazuma Dingo 150cc Utility Quad
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Kazuma Dingo 150cc Utility Quad Kazuma Dingo 150cc Utility Quad Kazuma Dingo 150cc Utility Quad Kazuma Dingo 150cc Utility Quad Kazuma Dingo 150cc Utility Quad Kazuma Dingo 150cc Utility Quad

Kazuma Dingo 150cc Utility Quad

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  • The Dingo 150 is everything you would want in a small utility quad bike
  • The Dingo's proven reliability allows business and private buyers to access a really exceptional bike at an exceptionally low price.
  • Fully automatic transmission, large brakes, racks front and rear and easy to use controls make the Dingo 150cc unbeatable
  • The peace of mind that it is made by Kazuma, one of the worlds largest quad bike manufacturers.
  • 24 months parts and labour warranty (subject to annual servicing)
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Now with 2 years parts and labour warranty and available in a range of new colours, it surely is .............Dingo time!

Only Available from Petrolscooter, The Kazuma sole importer for the UK and Ireland.

"Hardworking, reliable and powerful, the Dingo 150s in our fleet are just real work horses" Haygrove Fruit Pickers

Whether your application is commercial or private the Dingo is the bike for you.

Its now even better value with our special promotion of 2 years parts and Labour warranty, so don't delay order today.

"I purchased my Dingo to help around a busy stable yard and menage. I wouldn't be without it, it pulls, pushes and carries everything I want it to and its easy to use. Its perfect for me as I am no quad person, for me its just a tool." J Craig / Warwickshire

Welcome to the Dingo 150, the perfect choice for leisure and light commercial users who require high power, high spec and high functionality.

The typical buyer for the Dingo needs a keenly priced reliable machine that's simple to use and that can pull a light to medium small trailer with light to medium load. Equestrian centres, quad trek centres, horse stables, small holdings, fruit pickers, garden centres and many other similar operations know the importance of having a machine that can move goods or pull mowers and other machinery easily; the Dingo 150 is the practical answer.

"We purchased our Kazuma Dingo because we needed a quad to allow us to maintain our 6 acre paddock. We looked at a number of models all twice the price of the Dingo, so we were wary it was too cheap. Needless to say its been perfect for us. It pulls a small trailer and my kids can use it. We have been very pleased with our purchase." Majorie Evans / Dorset

Suitable for adults and teenagers to use, the Dingo is Kazuma's designated utility quad, and includes a number of practical features that boosts the machine's functionality: Fitted tow ball, front and rear racks, large off road tyres, wide seat, heavy duty 530 chain and quiet fully automatic four stroke engine. The 150cc engine has a maximum rider weight of 110kg. Add a further 150kg towing capacity via the standard fit tow ball and the Dingo proves to be ideal for an array of commercial uses.

"I thoroughly recommend my Dingo. Relocating to France, where we were renovating a farmhouse and establishing a fishing lake, we decided to buy something we knew we could get spares for. As it happens in two years all I have bought is a new rack due to a collision. I wouldn't be without it now, perfect" Jack Ravenshall / Lyon France.

Kazuma have not held back on the specification either, with its fully auto gearbox there is no gear changing or clutch required, just thumb throttle and go. With a handy gear read-out display (Forward and Reverse) riders find that this versatile quad is unbelievably simple to ride. The Dingo 150 also boasts a reverse gear, which is easily selected by way of a simple to use lever control, to make sure that riders can always manoeuvre out of those tight spots! But whether you're going forwards or backwards, the Dingo 150 is the real deal.

The front dual a-arm suspension keeps the ride smooth while the strong seam welded chassis delivers the robustness that is required for off road use. The Dingo also boasts an electric start with key switch, front headlamp, rear brake light, 12v horn and automatic choke. No need to mess around with changing the choke settings - this will do it for you! The brakes are up to speed too: front twin drum brakes and a rear hydraulic disc brake.

"The specification of the Dingo for the money is exceptional. Our Countryman 150 runs the same engine and more or less the same features yet its £1000 more just because its Taiwanese made and comes through another importer. They are both great bikes, but from a technical mechanics point of view I can't separate them." Tony Clarke / Workshop Manager Petrolscooter

As with all genuine Kazumas, the Dingo carries a fully restrictable throttle, allowing the speed to be set to a minimum until the rider's proficiency and confidence has developed. Our customers often choose to use this function when the Dingo is being used in an environment that has a maximum speed requirement, such as farm yards and stables. Throw in a chain / disc guard, exhaust heat shield, massive front bumper and parking brake, and the Dingo 150 quad bike is not only superbly equipped; it is also safe.

"I bought the Dingo 150 in 2011 to level our menage. Prior to that we used a car and an old gate. The quad does a better job and we now use it for anything from grass cutting to spraying weed killer around the stables. There are no frills with it, it just starts and drives, that's all I wanted as I am not a quad enthusiast or anything, definitely would recommend." Jill Menzies / Oxford


  • 150cc 4-stroke engine (149.6cc engine displacement)
  • 9.56 hp
  • Fully automatic CVT gearbox with reverse
  • Front head lamp and rear brake light
  • Electric start with keys
  • 45mph top speed, weight dependant
  • Massive front bumper
  • Front and rear racks / top boxes can be fitted
  • 110kg max rider weight
  • Comes with standard tow ball or split pin to add 150kg towing capacity
  • 180cm length, 95cm width, 90cm seat height, 110cm handlebar height (adjustable)
  • Suitable for adults or juniors 14+ (younger users if supervised)
  • Heavy duty 530 chain with double spur self tensioner
  • Front dual a-arm suspension, rear mono shock
  • Twin front big drum brakes, rear hydraulic disc brake / hand brake
  • Fully restrictable throttle
  • Supplied in agricultural green, red , blue, yellow.
  • Massive off road tyres
  • Quiet 4-stroke engine with muffler
  • Automatic choke
  • Genuine Kazuma product with 24 month parts and labour warranty subject to annual servicing.

What maintenance is required?

The Dingo 150cc is not a difficult machine to maintain. Owners need to keep the oil and brake fluid levels topped up and ensure moving parts are lubricated. A general nut and bolt check is suggested periodically.
An annual service is required to maintain your warranty. We can do this onsite or one of our local dealers can do this at their premises. Servicing costs roughly £125 + call out which will vary with the amount of work we have in your area.

Come and have a look at our extensive Kazuma range at our Coventry showroom or at one of our dealers.
Want a smaller machine? Try the Kazuma 50's, 90's or 110cc models. We are also official stockists of Stomp pit bikes and Wulfsport helmets and clothing.

Go on, you know you want one!

Dingo 150cc F.A.Q

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  • What age range is this quad suitable for?
  • How much assembly is required?
  • Can I fit top boxes to the racks?
  • Can I fit a winch to the Dingo 150cc?
  • Will it fit in my car?
  • How fast can it go?
  • How will my machine be delivered?
  • Where can the machine be used?
  • Can the quad bike take passengers?
  • Is any protective clothing required?
  • Can I use the quad to tow anything and what do you suggest?
  • Can I use the quad bike on the road?
  • How noisy is the quad bike?
  • What level of technical support and assistance is available?

What age range is this quad suitable for?

The Kazuma Dingo 150 is suitable for adults, teenagers and other younger children under adult supervision. If you have a younger child, the Kazuma Meerkat or Falcon 90 would be ideal.

How much assembly is required?

This bike is supplied fully built, after having gone through a pre-delivery inspection (PDI) by our mechanic. Simply put in fuel and you're away! Due to the requirement for ongoing maintenance, we suggest that machines should only be purchased by mechanically minded users or adults and serviced annually.

Can I fit top boxes to the racks?

Yes that's no problem, we sell a range of sizes.

Can I fit a winch to the Dingo 150cc?

The Dingo does not have a designated winch fitting position. A winch could be fitted as a bespoke accessory for the additional cost of £299.

Will it fit in my car?

No. Unless you have a pick up or very large hatchback the quad will need to be transported on the back of a van or trailer.

How fast can it go?

The Dingo 150 will reach a top speed of around 45mph. However, speed can be restricted to suit the user, so younger or inexperienced riders can learn at a safe speed. All said and done its not a high speed quad, this is a working tool.

How will my machine be delivered?

The machine will arrive fully built strapped to a pallet, requiring very minor assembly.
The Handlebars are often folded down to prevent them being damaged in transit.
Buyers normally like to adjust these to their own preferred setting. Simply position into place and tighten the four bolts up. The bikes tool kit has the correct size spanner.
Bikes will delivered by courier on the agreed delivery day between 8.30am and 6pm.

Where can the machine be used?

Most quad bikes as sold by us are not legal on public roads. They can be used on any private land with the permission of the owner(s), and are suitable for terrain surfaces such as grass, gravel etc. The quad bike should not be used on extreme terrain which may cause the user to lose control, or fall off the quad bike causing injury; if an adult is in supervision they should make this assessment before allowing the child to use the quad bike. Quad bikes are supplied by us with off-road tyres; use on tarmac will cause excessive tyre wear.

Can the quad bike take passengers?

No more than one person should ride the quad bike at any one time. Passengers affect the machines ability to handle correctly and may cause loss of control.

Is any protective clothing required?

It is advised that riders always wear a helmet and protective clothing/pad's to prevent injury.

Can I use the quad to tow anything and what do you suggest?

Yes, the Dingo 150 has been designed to tow small trailers and equipment.
The axle housing has a double welded tow ball hook that we fit a standard car type tow ball fitting to.
Due to the engine displacement, this quad is suitable for pulling loads of up to 150kg.
Existing customers pull grass cutting machines, rollers, menage levelling harrows, trailers with logs or water butts, hay, animal feeds and pretty well anything you can think of.
The bike is very versatile so as long as it either fits in a small trailer no more than 6x4 and is not too heavy , under 150 kilos the choice is yours.

Can I use the quad bike on the road?

This machine is not road legal and should not be used on the road. See "Where can the machine be used?".

How noisy is the quad bike?

All our machines run very low noise four-stroke engines, which makes them amongst the quietest quad bikes available. You may not have considered this before but where machines are working near animals especially horses this needs to be considered.

What level of technical support and assistance is available?

We man our phones 6 days a week and run a full working workshop with 3 designated Kazuma mechanics that have between them 25 years experience.

Please see the Dingo in action, just paste these links into your browser.






Additional Info

Additional Info

Quick Code 24317
Condition New
Wheel Base Type No
Built Length N/A
Built Width N/A
Built Height N/A
Seat Height N/A


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