Mini Moto Quad Bike 49cc Cub

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  • The UK's biggest selling mini moto quad bike is right here, the 2015 PS Mini Moto Cub Quad 49, exclusive to Petrolscooter
  • New CE marked model with easy-start pullstart. Buy from the UK's largest machine seller not a fancy goods merchant with no spares or mechanical experience
  • Simple automatic design with restrictable throttle combined with a budget price provides buyers with a genuine introduction to motorsport
  • Cheap spare parts availability means machines can be easily repaired. Read our truth about mini motos to ensure this is the bike for you
  • We sell these bikes all year round so buy with confidence from the UK's biggest seller of machines and parts. A branded Petrolscooter machine

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Quick Code 24242
Condition New


  • 49cc 2-stroke air cooled engine with easy start pully
  • This product is not road legal
  • Suggested oil mix is 30-1 / 1 part oil to 30 parts petrol
  • Key switch immobiliser
  • Miniaturised Super R Swerve fairings and graphics
  • Exhaust, sump and chain guards to prevent rider damage
  • Large foot rests to accommodate adult users!
  • Switch style cut-off
  • Strong steel frame with strong seam welds (see truth about Mini Midi Moto section)
  • Fully automatic, rev-and-go
  • Unboxed built dimensions 95cm length, 62cm width, 44cm seat height, 64cm handlebar height (adjustable)
  • Boxed unbuilt dimensions 99cm length x 66cm width x 53cm height
  • Just 29kg unboxed weight
  • 2.5hp engine
  • 90kg max user weight
  • 25mph top speed, weight and terrain dependant (fully restrictable)
  • Robust twin clamped handlebars
  • Approx 1 litre fuel tank capacity
  • Supplied with tool kit and a strict one month parts-only warranty.

Do you need something bigger?

This bike has a bigger brother, the Midi Moto Quad. Please see our shop or phone sales for more details.

New CE Marked Mini Moto Quad Model With Easy-Start Pullstart

Remember every quad from Petrolscooter the UK's largest supplier is our own imported model and we sell these all year round. Be wary of cheap bikes from fancy goods sellers who have no parts advertised. We are the biggest parts seller in the UK, see our store.


The new model carries a number of upgrades making it the best and most reliable to date. Make sure a Mini Moto is the bike for you; make sure you read our truth about Mini Motos section below.

Our latest Mini Moto quad was designed by our technical team, drawing upon years of experience of working with small petrol engined quads. We re-designed the front brakes, installed a stronger axle bearing, stronger front frame and, on some bikes, an easy-start pull start mechanism.

Our Mini Moto quad range has also been designed with safety in mind. Delivering all the features of a larger quad, but at a fraction of the cost. Its looks good, has a high level of specification and is priced to make it irresistible to anyone looking for an introduction to 4-wheeled motor-sport. The UK has adopted the Mini Moto as a favourite due to its unique size and the ease with which it can be transported in the back of the car.

If you are concerned about throttle restriction, then look no further. The Mini Moto Quad can be restricted to walking pace, if required, allowing the rider's confidence to grow. As proficiency improves simply open up the throttle settings and the machines will allow more performance.

These models carry numerous improvements including easy-start pull starts, new sticker package, throttle restrictor and CE marking. Only recently released, the latest version includes re-designed Super R fairings, front and rear disc brakes, strong seam welded chassis, 'knobbly' tyres and the proven 49cc replica air cooled engine. Throw in sports chrome exhaust, front and rear suspension, key switch cut off and disc brakes and you have an unbelievably well equipped bike and an unbelievably good price.

The all-new model shows itself to be the perfect introduction to four-wheels. Versatile, lively and superb fun, the Mini Moto quad range is an absolute winner.


This item sometimes benefits from free delivery, where this is the case and the item is returned a £15 delivery fee and £30 return shipping fee will apply to all orders where credits are issued.

Go on, you know you want one!

The Truth About Mini & Midi Motos

Please read this as we want you to make an informed decision about buying one.

This goes for every Mini or Midi Moto, not just our model, we just believe in telling customers the truth. Mini & Midi Motos offer fantastic value for money. They are great looking, easy and light to use, small, compact, quick, cheap to buy and have good parts availability. That said, they are made to a price and tend to receive far lighter or harder use than the machine was designed to take, with little or no maintenance.

We do our best to ensure they start and are complete but we are unable to start or road test bikes as they cannot be shipped with petrol trace in the machine.

The cheap price is reflected in the build quality and component reliability. You should expect parts to break from initial start up and for the reliability to be inconsistent. You should only buy one of these types of machines if you have access to somebody who knows the basics of how to carry out repairs. Parts will fail and damage will impact on the bike as the machine is used. Repairs are straightforward and there is little complicated to go wrong, but parts like pull starts, coils, carburettors and clutches may not last long. There may be small welding imperfections. The engines are good, but can be temperamental. Please remember that these are little two-stroke racing bikes that are built to a price.

We are not saying the bikes will not work, but they may arrive in the box with issues that may only arise when you build and start the machines. We are describing the machine as untested and requiring a pre-use inspection by you, the buyer.

Pre-use inspection by its nature may throw up some issues that require either spare parts or technical help from us to enable the bike to operate properly. This could be one part or it could be 10 parts. Its fitness to perform its purpose may only be achieved after the supply of additional parts that you will be required to fit.

So expect in some cases machines may require a more detailed PDI by someone mechanically minded, if that is not you don't buy one.

Problems are likely to be simple to fix but this is what Mini & Midi Motos are like, so if you are in any doubt please don't buy one.

These machines may not give the 'Argos' experience, where a machine works perfectly out the box. It may require a spare part or our technical help to get it going. If being purchased for a birthday or Christmas present we suggest it is bought well in advance and built and tested before the big day, as disappointment may quickly follow if its built on the day of intended use and it doesn't work.

We would rather be honest and upfront with customers than supply machines that are way under customer expectations. If you have the budget and want real quality then there are numerous machines on the market priced at £500 - £1200 that will offer much better reliability and performance. Generally, four-stroke machines are more reliable, but they come at a price.

In the event of a complaint or request for return we will draw your attention to this accurate product description.

Your Warranty

Warranty is a strict 30 days parts only which you will be required to fit. This could be a clutch or a twist throttle, but it could also be a complete engine.

We do not take returns on machines that have been started.

Machines are supplied officially for off-road competition use.
All machines are supplied on a back-to-base basis. Where machines are returned, the cost of return will be the buyers.

The Official Stuff

Please note: all Mini Midi Moto products are NOT classed as kids toys. They are officially classified as off-road competition-only bikes, due to their design and potential top speed. Their build quality and performance means they are not covered by the Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008 or BS EN 71., although all machines are CE marked as standard.

Machines will arrive in boxes that state this on the box and draw your attention to a minimum user age of 14.

Mini & Midi Motos fall outside BS7407:1991 as they are classified as for off-road competition use only. Officially, Mini & Midi Motos are designed for users over 14 years of age, although parents have the final decision on the suitability for any Mini or Midi Moto product.

Adult supervision and protective clothing is required at all times.

What age range is this quad bike suitable for?

Legally, Mini & Midi Moto products are NOT classified as toys and should only be used by riders of 14+ years old. However, the vast majority of Mini & Midi Motos are purchased by parents for use by children much younger than this. Due to the small size and characteristics Mini & Midi Moto quads, they are often considered by parents to be the ideal size for riders younger than 14. Mini & Midi Motos are understandably hugely popular with children and parents, although it should be stressed that such use is at the strict discretion of a responsible parent or supervising adult, and it is not the use that Mini & Midi Motos are necessarily designed or sold for.

Most buyers choose Mini & Midi Moto quads for riders of around three to six years old. A rider of any age above this could ride the bike, but if you want the rider to look in proportion with the bike the rider would need to be around this age range.

How much assembly is required?

Minor assembly is required. The bike is mostly assembled, but some peripheral components will need to be fitted.


Machines are constantly being upgraded and changed so this detail could vary.

-The front suspension legs are in position but the top bolt needs to be fitted.
-The front bumper uses 4 bolts which will need to be attached.
-The rear wheel are complete but need to be fitted to the axle.
-Basic check over by an adult to ensure no packaging or parts are fouling the transmission.

This should take no more than half an hour. No specialist tools are required, a basic tool kit is supplied with the bike. On a regular basis machines will need a thorough checking over to ensure that all nuts and bolts are tight and that the machine is ready for use. Due to the requirement for ongoing maintenance, we suggest that machines should only be purchased by mechanically minded adults.

Will it fit in my car?

Yes, Mini & Midi Motos are small enough to fit in most cars.

How fast can it go?

The 49cc air cooled Mini/Midi Moto engine will reach a top speed of around 25mph unrestricted, rider weight and terrain dependant. However, speed can be restricted to suit the user, so inexperienced riders can learn at a safer speed.

How will my machine be delivered?

The machine will arrive boxed, requiring minor assembly. It will be delivered by courier on the date of delivery between 8.30am and 7pm.

Where can the machine be used?

Mini & Midi Motos are not legal on public roads. They can be used on any private land with the permission of the land owner. They can be used on mild off-road terrain such as gravel and grass or on tarmac, although this will increase tyre wear. Use on fields and rougher ground may lead to premature wear through vibration.

Can it take passengers?

No more than one person should ride the Mini/Midi Moto at any one time. Passengers affect the machine's ability to handle correctly and may cause loss of control. The extra weight may also cause damage to the machine.

Is any protective clothing required?

Riders should always wear a helmet and protective clothing / knee and arm pads to prevent injury. Helmets are available from our accessories section.

Can I use it on the road?

Mini & Midi Motos cannot be used on public roads. See "Where can the machine be used?".

What level of technical support and assistance is available?

We man our phones 6 days a week (9.30am till 5.00pm Mon-Fri, 10.00am till 2.00pm Sat) and our on-site mechanic/s will be available to provide any support or assistance you require (weekdays only).

Buying for Christmas?

Please ensure you carry out preliminary test start ups well before the big day. We cannot help you with any teething issues once Christmas is upon us.

Warranty replacement parts are generally shipped by first class post, courier services are available but will cost extra.

Shipping times around Bank Holidays do vary so be prepared.
We cannot stress this enough, if you are in any doubt what Mini & Midi Motos are like don't buy one.


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